mesothelioma lawsuit settlements

what is mesothelioma lawsuit settlements

The average mesothelioma settlement is between $1 million and $1.4 million. The average mesothelioma trial verdict is $2.4 million. Settlements from mesothelioma lawsuits provide victims guaranteed compensation that may be paid within a few months. Asbestos settlements are typically not taxable under federal tax laws.

mesothelioma lawsuit settlements Amounts

Many patients or loved ones receive mesothelioma settlements of $1 million or more. A mesothelioma settlement is a potential outcome of a lawsuit. A settlement is a private agreement where one party provides compensation to eliminate liability. Lawsuits may also result in a verdict if the case goes to trial. A mesothelioma verdict is determined by the jury or judge and may result in a higher payout than a settlement.

Mesothelioma settlement amounts vary based on several factors. These settlements can help patients with compensation for their expenses and lost wages.

Average mesothelioma lawsuit settlements

Average mesothelioma settlement amounts are between $1 million – $1.4 million according to recent data from Medley’s Litigation Report. Settlement amounts vary depending on the individual case.

Reports show compensation amounts have been steadily increasing over the last several decades. In 2000, RAND Corporation estimated the average mesothelioma settlement to be around $900,000. In more recent years, settlement amounts may reach $1 million or more.

To learn about what you can expect when trying to pursue mesothelioma compensation, contact an asbestos lawyer.

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